Our production follows the method of "production on demand" because the products are exclusive and are not included in stocks.
We can build all kinds of special steel wire and stainless steel tubing, sheet metal, paint, chrome, gold, zinc-plated, polished, according to the requirements.
The realization of a particular is followed by our technical designers department, where our creativity is totally dedicated to satisfy our customer.

The production process can also include handmade samples and the following step is the test of this sample to try dimensional stability of the requested product.

Our 30 years experience in this field and our good relationships with our suppliers united to the good materials used and the accurate time production mangement wards the customers to receive the best final results.

The first step of the working process is the straightening and cutting of the wire to the desired length, those works are made with the help of automatic brakes when there are some kind of curvings or folds on the material. In this phase the correct dimensions of the particulars are controled by the production management and the final product will be started only after the compliance testing of the item produced after seing a sketch or a sample.

Once the semi-finished items (sometimes also several tens) those pieces pass in punchers that will assemble the final product. All those operations are checked by the production management because of the safety of the final product that could be dangerous if not controled by our special operators.

The internal quality control requires random inspections to verify compliance 'and production. Once completed the production process, the raw product will be put on pellets and transported on our own vehiclesto our suppliers that will finish the product as requested by the customer ( colouring, chromiung plating ... etc)

Il controllo di qualità interno prevede ispezioni a campione per verificare la conformita' e la produzione. Una volta  completato il processo produttivo, la merce grezza viene posta su bancali e trasportata con mezzi propri presso nostri fornitori che procederanno al trattamento di finitura richiesto ( verniciatura, cromatura,…).

After the returning of the goods we provide for the packaging in boxes or on Euro pallets with the dual purpose of quality control on treatments and packaging.

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