Our machinery:

- n. 4 cutter machines for straightening and cutting wire;
- 50 punchers with a power between 15 and 350 KVA;
- 10 mechanical presses with a force between 20 and 100 t.;
- 2 hydraulic presses;
- 3 automatic wire bending machines that permits the working of wire with a diameter between 2 and 10 mm;
- 1 automated system for the realization of grid network
- 1 welding equipment MIG-MAG with anthropomorphous robot;
- 4 manual welding stations MIG-MAG and TIG technologies;
- 2 robotic welding areas
- workshop for the preparation of equipment with a lathe, 2 burs and
2 drill presses;
- a series of special equipment and machinery to support production or aimed at specific achievements (trimming, air brakes, sheet metal shears, etc.).

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